YMS Contact Centre offers a full range of contact centre solutions through our Customer Life Cycle:

These include:

  • Outsourced Help Desks
  • Outsourced Telemarketing and Telesales
  • Outsourced Customer Retention Services
  • Outsourced Customer Care Solutions

Customer Care

At YMS Contact Centre, your brand is ours. We are an extension of your business. Talk to us about how our customer service strategies can help you care, retain and grow your customer base. Our customer service methodology puts your customer at the heart of the solution. Our methodology understands their needs, builds processes to effectively resolve issues and opens up new insights into your customer’s behaviours and experiences, allowing you to react faster and respond more accurately, retaining their business and ensuring your profitability. This coupled with our teams of highly trained customer service consultants allows you to navigate the complexity of managing your customer’s service needs with ease. Contact us for case studies on how our customer service solutions have changed blue chip organisations. Contact us to discover how we provide your customers with an excellent customer service experience.


Increase profits buy maximising customer spend and revenue on your current database. By partnering with YMS Contact Centre, we will help you identify and realise new opportunities within your current customer database.


At YMS Contact Centre, we understand why customers can change their mind and move to competitors. Our call centre retention strategies ensure your customers stay on your books for longer. Talk to us about our successes in customer retention.


YMS Contact Centre has extensive telesales & telemarketing experience. We run campaigns for many of South Africa’s top consumer brands. We understand what it takes to run a telesales call centre successfully. Our combination of talented sales staff, world class technology, insightful data analytics gives you a platform to rapidly capture new business, cost effectively. Contact us to discover why we are one of South Africa’s most trusted telesales channels.


YMS Contact Centre’s inhouse business intelligence team works closely with all our customers and their operations, processing high volumes of data into valuable business insights and opportunities. Use our analytics platforms to receive realtime reporting, bringing you closer to the operation, allowing you to respond swifter. We also offer a range of data services, from procurement, deduping, profiling, refreshing and validating.


Managing quality in a call centre requires a disciplined process driven approach. At YMS Contact Centre, we put quality at the heart of all our operations. We have very stringent work-flows and processes that ensure the quality of the conversations that consultants have with your customers are of the best. Our Quality department is integral in our continuous improvement programs and integrates into every facet of our operation. Talk to us about how to use quality assurance to continuously improve your call centre operations.

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