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Empowering your brand

YMS Contact Centre is a Durban based call centre solutions provider. Founded in 2012 in Durban, our mission is to be South Africa’s leading call centre solutions provider, not by size, but by value we provide to our clients.

Our Empowering your brand ethos places the brands of our clients and our staff at the heart of our business operations.

YMS Contact Centre is an FCSA licensed Financial Services Provider (License no: 47471).


YMS Contact Centre offers a full range of contact centre solutions through our Customer Life Cycle:

These include:

  • Outsourced Help Desks
  • Outsourced Telemarketing and Telesales
  • Outsourced Customer Retention Services
  • Outsourced Customer Care Solutions

Want to join YMS Contact Centre?

Join our growing team. We are one of the leading call centers in Durban. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience. Send us your CV so we can assist in placing you in one of our call centre vacancies in Durban.

Durban Rocks!

Competitive Call Centre Wages
South Africa’s labour costs are significantly lower than in the US and UK

Great Fluency in English and other major languages
Language can be a key barrier to off-shoring, especially for client facing processes such as customer support.

High Agent productivity
On average agents are working 168 hours per month and team leaders 175 hours per month. The statutory maximum is 195 hours per month (45 hours per week). This works out at 39 hours per week, which is roughly mid-way between the average working hours of UK agents (37.2) and Indian agents (43.3).

Great Cultural fit with US and UK
South Africa has historic trade relationships with many European countries, particularly the UK, Netherlands, France and the US.

Robust Technical infrastructure
South Africa is ranked 23rd in telecommunications development in the world. The country has approximately 4,92 million installed telephones and 4,3 million installed exchange lines. This represents 39% of the total lines installed in Africa. The network is almost wholly digital. Digital microwave and optical fibre serve as the main transmission media for the inter-primary network, interconnecting all major centres.

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